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The Thrilling Adventure Hour is a staged production in the style of old-time radio. It began as a live stage show at M Bar in Los Angeles on March 5, 2005. In 2010, the show moved to Largo at the Coronet[1] and began being recorded for a weekly podcast,[2] which launched in January 2011.[3] The show joined the Nerdist podcasting network in October 2011.[4] With the help of a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign[5] that launched in October 2012, the show has since branched off into a graphic novel, with a behind-the-scenes web series, a Concert Film and a series of comic books published by Image Comics. The main run of the podcast at Largo ended in April 2015, and the final live performance of the show was The Thrilling Adventure Hour Holiday Funaround 2016, performed at The Theatre at Ace Hotel on December 17, 2016. There are no plans for any future live shows or podcast releases.

This fan wiki is for keeping track of the episodes, characters, actors, story arcs, and other topics related to the Thrilling Adventure Hour universe. Episodes of the show may be found in iTunes, at the Nerdist, on SoundCloud, or in your preferred podcast app. The audio will also be linked directly on each episode page for your convenience.

Are you new to the show and looking for a quick start guide for what to listen to first? Check out our Newbie FAQ! For all up-to-the-minute news about the show, follow @ThrillingAdv or check the official Facebook page.

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