The song Time to Pay Von Piper is sung in the episode Coal for Christmas  which is a part of the first Christmas on Mars special. It was written by Ben AckerBen Blacker and Andy Paley

Sung by: James Urbaniak, Alison Brie and Annie Savage

Von Piper
It's that time again, the mortgage is due
More mortgage for me, less mortgage for you
I'll own this farm before I'm through
It's time to pay Von Piper

Please sir, have some sympathy!
It's Christmas Eve! Can't you see?
The same God that made you made me
Please have a heart, Von Piper.

Von Piper
No crueller hand has e'er been dealt
for sympathy I've never felt.
My heart would melt but for your gelt
It's time to pay Von Piper!

The problem with the poor
Is when I squeeze they moan
Oh what a chore, a dreadful bore
To get blood from a stone

Sorry sir, for being so bold
We're starving sir, and powerful cold
Kindess, sir, is worth more than gold
Gold bless your soul, Von Piper

Von Piper
Born with hope and spirits high
You gave it the old college try
But life is hard, and then you die
It's time to pay Von Piper!

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