Wade Crespo was a liquor delivery boy for the Doyles. He is played by John Ross Bowie.

Wade fell deeply in love with Aubrey, who worked as a waitress at a diner across the street from the store where he worked. Unfortunately, he was too nervous to talk to her, let alone ask her out on a date so nothing came of it until during a delivery to the Doyles, Frank told Wade about a recently purchased auction item - a copy of the novel The Monkey's Paw. This novel gave the user three wishes. While the Doyles were distracted by the liquor delivery, Wade held the book and wished to switch lives with the Doyles.

The wish worked, and Wade found himself living in the Doyles' apartment and married to Aubrey, who had no memory of her life before. For twenty six days things continued without much incident until Frank Doyle came to their door asking for their help.

After the curse had been reversed, Wade returned to his life as a delivery boy.

Appearances Edit

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