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Waterfowl Play is an episode of The Adventures of Captain Laserbeam.


"Waterfowl Play" on SoundCloud


WorkJuice PlayersEdit

Guest StarsEdit


Captain Laserbeam is alerted to a theft from the Museum of Valuable Treasures by Adventurekateers Todd and Sasha, who were there on a field trip with their history class to look at an exhibit from Ancient Egypt. The Waterfowl, assisted by Tyler, Duck, and Goose, steals an expensive ibis mask for his collection of bird antiquities.

Character MentionsEdit



Quotable LinesEdit

Captain Laserbeam: "Waterfowl, I'm here to take you down. . . eh, down. Like goose down."

The Waterfowl: "Come on Duck, are you a pelican or a pelican't?"




This episode was recorded at Largo on June 5, 2010 and released on May 8, 2011.

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