This is a special version of the The WorkJuice Anthem sung as a Christmas carol.  

It can heard being sung at the end of Christmas on Mars and The Complete “Christmas on Mars” show from December 8, 2012. It can also be seen being sung by Mark Gagliardi, Annie Savage and Hal Lublin on this Youtube Clip.

Performed by: The Workjuice Players


What greets America on Christmas Morn?
A mug of hearty of "Ho Ho Ho!"
What keeps the stockings free from coal?
And fuels the man from the old north pole? 

Workjuice Workjuice Workjuice Workjuice
Workjuice Workjuice Workjuice Workjuice

What makes the herald angels sing? 
Their trumpets blare O Holy Night!
It decks the halls and fills the pews
And lights menorahs for the Jews

We sip you 'neath the mistletoe
And at the Office bash
You keep our Christmas spirits up
To stumble home from midnight  mass

Oh Workjuice, we praise thy name
You guide the rider of the sleigh
Oh Workjuice mighty Workjuice
For Santa and the U.S.A.!

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