"Written in the Stars" is a song in The Piano has Been Thinking, the musical episode of Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.

Written by Andy Paley.

Performed by: The Red Plains Rider and Cactoid Jim (Busy Philipps and Nathan Fillion ).


Cactoid Jim
One summer day a cowboy strayed way from his lonesome trail
Where by a stream he spied his dream, a cowgirl fair and pale

The Red Plains Rider
There in his eyes she heard the sighs of crying steel guitars
Sweet music swelled, and then they fell

Twas written in the stars

Cactoid Jim
The leaves turned brown and tumbled down when lo their paths did twine
"Since summer's passed,"

The Red Plains Rider
The cowboy asked,  

Cactoid Jim
"Does your heart beat as mine?"

The Red Plains Rider

Cactoid Jim
Said she

The Red Plains Rider
"There'll never be a love as true as ours"

So take my hand, for it was planned
Twas written in the stars

The Red Plains Rider
Through hoary snow and wind did blow their hearts knew not the storm
Hand in hand cross wintered land, twas true love kept them warm.

In sooth it seemed they lived a dream and wiled away the hours
It wasn't chance nor happenstance, twas written in the stars

There by that stream where all is green there stands a tall oak tree
They carved a heart into the bark for all eternity
Fate sends a sign when Earth aligns with Jupiter and Mars
Beyond our mortal soul's control, it's written in the stars

Our story ends, but fear not friends, romance forever flowers
Young lover's eyes gaze to the skies, it's written in the stars
It's written in the stars

Chords Edit

Unofficial chords for this song can be found here

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